About Us


 is wellness and beauty company. It  applies a non-invasive modern methods for body and face with visable results. The benefits go far beyond aesthetics to  enbrace client wellbeing. 

Two registered beauty therapist are working in Dermanova with goal  to achieve the right results with the latest  technology.

Eko medical LLL(low level laser) treatment is recomended to customer with low back pain ,pain on neck shoulder ,for any inflamation and pain.

Endermologie with  K2 Module producing strong circulation through the body and face last after treatment for the several hours.

NARL(noradrenalin releasing lipolisis) ultasound  is one of the methods in Dermanova  halping to reduce localise fat.

Photomedicine technique include usage of Bioptron colour therapy and LLLT. With the combination of these techniques and the understanding of customers needs we are able to bring optimal satisfaction for customer.

We are a friendly, solution orientated team with the knowledge and skills to help. 

We are registered  and trained (only one in Manawatu area) to perform Green peel facial  treatments. endermology massages for body and face.

In Dermanova 

Our customers are able to buy  exelent quality facial products from German beauty lines  from the Dr KLAPP and Dr Schrammec  .

We are saling Eko medical LLL device and equipment  with easy repayment option. Details you can find in distribution page .  

Light Therapy