Futura Booth

A harmony between maximal technology and functionality.

7 methods are integrated within this cosmetic device, with 26 different functions - high-frequency current for skin disinfection, circulation stimulation, indirect massage via lotions and butters, vapozone with water stream, ozone and aromatherapy, ionophoresis for galvanotherpy, desincrustation and eletrophoresis of medicines, laser for acneous skin, inflamation processes, individual acne, rosacea treatments, herpes, aftae, and allergy treatments, the strengthening of the fibroblast, treatments for old and atrophic skin, circulation stimulation laser, micro spray for skin toning.

A three part electrical bed with three engines; a number of adjustments for height and different positions. This comfortable bed enables relaxing treatments.

FACE STUDIO: laser power of 35mW, 3 MHz ultrasound, high frequency, jonoforeza, vacuum, with vapozon 
aromatherapy, cosmetic magnifier. 
Dimensions: LxWxH: 620x620x1500 mm 

WELLNESS BED: three engines, multi-position, ideal for beauty salons, spa and wellness center.
Dimensions: 1800x700x600 mm-700

Kabina Futura