Ultrasound 1 & 3

The ultrasound 1 & 3 belongs to the family of microprocessors controlled device for therapy with ultrasound waves. De to its dual effect, mechanical and thermal, the ultrasound waves find application in numerous cases of nervous and muscular system pathologies. 

The ultrasound waves with frequency of 1 MHz are used for treatments of pathological processes in the depth of the tissue (physiotherapy), and 3 MHz ultrasound frequency finds application in the treatments of the surface layers of the tissue (dermatology and cosmetic – cellulites, wrinkles, scars). 

This equipment characterized by its modern design, high technology, compactness, small dimension, and easy to operate. 
It is very simple to connect this machine with “Diatech Plus” or Inteldin Plus” and have simultaneous treatment by dynamic current and ultrasound therapy. 

Technical specifications

  • Ultrasound frequencies: 1MHz and 3MHz
  • Operating mode: continuous and pulsed
  • Pulse repetition frequencies: 16Hz, 48Hz and 100Hz
  • Intensity: 0.05 to 2W/mc2 - continuous, 0.05 to 3W/mc2 - pulsed
  • Visual and audible device checking transducer - tissue coupling (contact control)
  • Ultrasound head: 5cm2 - large, 1cm2 - small, completely watertight heads
  • Displayed data: Power (W), energy density (W/cm2), ultrasound frequency, pulse repetition frequencies, and treatment time.
  • Timer: 1 to 30 min
  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz and/or 12VDC (if required)
  • Safety: Class I, type BF, according to IEC601-1
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 35 x 27 x 13cm
  • Weight: 2.8kg