Price List

Summer Deals
Body detox with algae underFIR blanket$ 150
Eyebrow  re-shaping  ,eyelash and eyebrow tinting
$ 50
Eyelashes Perm and eylash tinting
$ 65
$ 60
New Procedures
Electroporation with vitamin C on  painful area$ 70
Hair growth treatment (lotion microneedlin GHG)$300


 Massages ( and manual)

Back neck and shoulder manual (40min)
Lower back massage with laser(1hour)
Full body manual -(1hour)

Endermologie and RF combination

Full body massage (endermology)
Endermology full body massage package of 6$500
Sport massage
Pre-workout warm up massage (15min)$35
Cellulite massage
One session (Full body blood stimulation, electroporation, serums in one area) (1&1/2 hours)$150
Package of 6 sessions$700
Slimming Programe
One area of body ( endermology,NARL, lypolysis, vacume, RF diathermy) (1 hour)$150
Two areas of body ( endermologyNARL, lypolysis, vacume, RF diathermy) (1&1/2 hours)$170
Muscle stimulation treatment  plus NARL 45 min$100
Muscle stimulation treatment 20min$50
Far Infrared Sauna not active
Detoxifying Treatment ( body massage, body exfoliation, body wrapping with algae and  Infrared sauna) 2hoursnot active
Detoxifying Treatment Package of 4
Facial Treatments
Green Peel Fresh Up$90
Green Peel Energy$150
Green Peel Classic$450
Face lift -Virtual mesotherapy  with serums & ultrasound    one session (1 hour)$100
*All facial treatments include cleansing and lotion.
Healthy nails$60
Healthy nails
Brow and Lash Treatments
Eyebrow tinting and reshaping$25
Eyelash tinting$25
Eye Trio (all from above)$50
Eyelash perm and tinting$70
Eye quatro(eyebrows reshaping & tinting,eyelashes perm & tinting) $80
1/2 leg$70
Full leg$140
Arms and underarms$80


LLLT (Cold Laser)

General disorder any pain or inflammation (1hour)
Example: muscle soreness, tense neck muscles, inflammation of shoulder joint, tendinitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow,  rotary cuff problem, back ache, inflammation of breast and nipples, sinusitis
Skin disorder (40min)
Allergies, abscess, eczema, fever blisters, herpes labialis inflamation, milia extraction
Pain relief
LLLT pain releif one session (1 hour)$70
LLLT Pain relief from burns (recommended 10 treatments)$350
Wounds and scars (10 treatments)$350
Knee treatment before surgery treatment (1hour)$70
 Acugraph test /understand own  energy deficiency$35
Balancing energy therapy (1.5hour)with laser$150

Combination between Cold Laser and Endermologie

Lymphedema reduction per treatment $70
Lymphedema 10 treatments $600

Magnetic Therapy

Allergy, Betterment, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Lower back pain, Tendinitis, Epycondilitis, Menopause difficulties, Menstrual difficulties & Sciatica.Each treatment last 30 minutes$60


Headache, depression, inflamed throat, cough, menstrual complaints, earache, frontal sinusitis, sleep disorders, common cold, sun burn, (1Hour)

Balacing chakras (2 hours)180
Power Plate turbogym (10mins)$20

Private wear (overalls)