Body Line UV

With sixteen year of experience in work with electronics we have created a new generation of muscle stimulator devices “Body Line 4L, Body Line 6L and Body Line 8L”. The practical, modern styling, high technology, big reliability and easy way to operate are the distinctions of this equipment. 
These stimulators are used in cosmetics for cellulite elimination, skin and muscle lifting, a well as for weight reduction. The greatest advantage of this method is in controlled local reduction of fat tissue, toning of muscles and skin, therefore body becomes well proportioned and the skin is brighter and juvenile. 

It is also successful if it is sued for posttraumatic treatments in the case of disturbance of circulation, as well as for different degenerative illnesses cause by bad substance of tissue. With electro stimulation the muscle becomes stronger (even those never activated by other methods), growth muscle endurance, rehabilitation of broken muscle dislocates and ligament injuries.