Eko Vacuson

This device for the treatment of cellulite using the combined effect of Vacuum and ultrasound. 
This is a successful method in treating cellulite and eliminating fat deposits by combining ubcutaneous endomassage ( vacuum ) and ultrasound waves, frequency 3 MHz, which also have an effect the subcutaneous level. Unlike hand massage which is performed by applying pressure from the outside towards the inside of the tissue, endomassage uses suction to achieve the separation of the tissue by way of deep massage that goes from the inside to the outside. 

Concurrently it facilitates the process of extracellular drainage. As a result of the relief of the blood vessels underneath the sucked fibbers, improvement is achieved in the flow of blood and lymph, tissue is better nourished, elasticity increases and the skin is more compact and toned. 

EkoVacuson is equipped with different probes and can be used to treat the body and face.  Different uses include:

  • Only ultrasound probe 3MHz/5cm2 or 3MHz/1cm2
  • Only vacuum elecrodes with large or small diameter 
  • Combined ultrasound and vacuum probe


  • Weight reduction
  • Oedema reduction
  • Increase circulation
  • Lymph drainage
  • Toxin elimination
  • Elimination of orange crust look

Standard accessories:

  • Ultrasound probe 3MHz/5cm2 (x1)
  • Ultrasound probe 3MHz/1cm2 (x1)
  • Vaccum electrode 0100mm (x4)
  • Vaccum electrode 0130mm (x2)
  • Vaccum electrode 0160mm (x2)
  • Vaccum electrode for face (x2)
  • Vaccum electrode with small ball (x1)
  • Vaccum electrode cable (x4)
  • Combined vacuum and ultrasound electrode (x1)
  • Shelf (x4)
  • Operating instructions
Technical specifications
  • LC Graphic Display
  • Vacuum intensity: 0-700m Bar
  • Operating modes: continuous, intermittent, bipolar and quadripolar
  • Pulsed mode: 0.5-5/0.5-1.5 sec
  • Ultrasound frequencies: 3MHz
  • Intensity: 0.005 to 2 W/mc2, continuous
  • Ultrasound head: 5cm2 and 1cm2
  • Power supply: 220-240V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
  • Safety: Class I, type BF according to IEC601-1
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 36 x 33 x 15cm
  • Weight without shelf: 5.5kg