Case Studies

Competence in wound healing, Diabetic Gangrene

Successful Therapy with RJ-LASERS

Patient, male, age 60 years, Diabetes type 2

Gangrene of the third toe of the left foot. The conventional therapy did not lead to healing of the tissue and an amputation was carried out. After amputation new gangrene occurred. 

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Burns caused by explosion (fire works)

Successful therapy with RJ-LASER devices

The male patient (age 20 years) suffered under acute burns (1st and 2nd degree) caused by explosion (fire works). Beside the burns the detonation destroyed the right thumb (it had to be amputated). The patient had six days (IUC) intensive unit care in the Hazra-e-Rosool Hospital (Theran) and laser treatment by Dr. Masoud Tajziehchi.

The skin regeneration was fast and as well the amputation wound healed rapidly without side effects.

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Laser therapy for soft tissue injury, wound management

 Wound healing competence with RJ-LASER devices

Patient, female, age 45 years

The patient had a traffic accident on the evening of the 11th of June followed by acute care in the local hospital. The patient suffered under severe soft tissue damages on the mouth and lip nose area, a deep laceration inside the upper lip was closed by the surgeon with three stitches. Four frontal teeth where destroyed. Bone and soft tissue trauma on cheecks and face area. Joint injury on the hands and knee.

Because of the injury the patient could not move lips or open the mouth prior to laser therapy. The joints on the hands where swollen and hard to move.

It was important to reduce the risk of scars in the facial area. The laser therapy was the method of choice to perform fast and stable wound management, pain free condition and scare free tissue healing.

The patient is very thankful for this gentle and fast therapy. Pain free healing success within one week.

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