"This treatment is heaven!  Not only is your circulation improved, but toxins are encouraged to leave - great feeling!

On the up side I have lost 2 dress sizes - what a plus.  My skin tone is becoming flawless, my energy levels are increasing.  I float out of the massage ready to take on the world!"


"Talk about a work out without the down side of being exhausted.  Narl has helped with the local area of the stomach where it has helped to reduce fat.  Great addition to the massage."

Right Knee Injury

"My right knee has deteriorated to the point that the specialists want to do a knee replacement.  Eventually I will have no other option however to help prevent further damage I have been having Dermanova laser treatments.

The laser reduces swelling and stops any pain.  With regular treatments I have been able to resume physical exercise.

Thanks Dermanova.  Well worth the treatment."


Badly Rolled Ankle

"Thanks Dermanova I have found your laser treatment extremely effective.  I rolled my ankle and the pain was intollerable.  After 1 treatment of laser and magnetic therapy the pain was drastically reduced.  After only two days of regular treatments, not only was the swelling non existant but also the bruising and pain were gone.

Great treatment.  No week off work.  Life was not interrupted with endless appointments.

Awesome.  Thank you. :) D" 

Headaches and Sinus Inflamation

For years I have suffered delibitating headaches as a result of chronic sinus inflamation; severely reducing my throught processing and decision-making capabilities.  These attacks were particularly noticeable in the morning, and only cleared up by afternoon; making the task of lesson-planning and teaching unnecessarily arduous.

Recently, while making a routine visit to my local medical centre, I noticed an advertisement for Dermanova Cold Laser Therapy and since all other avenues of sinus treatment had proven unsatisfactory, I decided to investigate Dermanova's potential.

After a consultation, I agreed to try a short course of Cold Laser Therapy.

After the first session, I noticed a considerable reduction in the level of sinus pressure and related discomfort; by the third session, the persistent "foggy" headache began to subdue; and had completely cleared by the sixth and final session.

I now wake clear-headed; ready for the demands of the day.

I believe that Dermanova has proven effective in the treatment of chronic sinus inflamation."

Marie McCambridge